Method of Use.

To grow good pigs, you will only need to feed them enough, and good bacteria will take care of the health of the pig. It is enough for them to add BIO LIQUID concentrate regularly (1.5 liters of concentrate per 200 liters of water) and give the fermented BIO LIQUID feed. Spray a 30% solution of BIO LIQUID concentrate on walls, ceiling, floor, shed air. Pigs will stop getting ill. Stops cattle plague. And you can get the highest meat quality.

How to arrange a bedding for pigs, so it won't stink:

Treat the shed with a 30% solution of BIO LIQUID and abundantly pour places where animals are defecating in order to stimulate the bacteria growth. Fill the floor with sawdust (50-70cm) and compact it. Liberally spill sawdust with the same 30% solution of BIO LIQUIDconcentrate. Get pigs into the shed. Excrement will not stink anymore. It only remains sometimes to add fresh sawdust and water the litter with a 30% solution twice a month.

How to improve the quality of feed:

To improve the quality of the feed, it is necessary to prepare a solution of 1 cup of BIO LIQUID concentrate for 10 liters of non-chlorinated water, add 1 cup of sugar and pour dry food to a moisture content of 30-40%, mix thoroughly (when pressed, a lump forms, which will fall apart when touched). Put in an airtight package or container, close tightly, put in a dark place for 2-3 days. You will need to monitor the temperature. The bag should be warm, not hot. With a strong increase in temperature, you need to open the bag, mix the food, let it cool, then close it again tightly. You will understand that it is ready by the smell of fermentation. (If unpleasantly sour and rotten - it fails). Ready, fermented food can be added to traditional food. To store it should be dried. This feed supplement can be given daily.