Method of Use.

If add a glass of "Bio Immuno Liquid" concentrate per day to a drink to a cow, due to the normalization of the intestinal microflora, the immunity of cows to various diseases will increase: as a result, cows have increased appetite and hair condition. Cows become more active, milk yields and protein content in milk increase, milk quality improves in all respects.

If you want that calves won't be sick, you should add 2 tbsp. of "Bio Immuno Liquid" concentrate to its drink with colostrum and milk.

The use of "Bio Immuno Liquid" concentrate allows you to save 100% of the cattle numbers.

It is very useful for cows, calves and any other animals to periodically sprinkle wool with a 10% solution of "Bio Immuno Liquid" concentrate. And also once a month, spray the premises where animals are kept with a 30% solution of "Bio Immuno Liquid" concentrate. Also treat animal beddings and places where animals are defecating.