BIOFERTILIZER "ZULAL" is made to improve the quality of the soil, raise and restore soil fertility, strengthen the immune system and improve the growth of plants and flowers and of course suppress pathogenic microflora.
The natural components of the organo-biological fertilizer, initially, form the "living water" property - a property that carries useful microorganisms and which is referred to in medicine as - regeneration.
The main factor in increasing the yield is the presence of edible and nutrient elements for plants in the soil. Such good nutrients for plants produce only beneficial microorganisms. The main task of raising the soil fertility is the massive settlement of it with beneficial microorganisms. For this purpose, solutions consisting of BIOFERTILIZER "ZULAL" are used. We suggest using our liquid fertilizer diluted in warm, non-chlorinated water. The results from the use in crop production are amazing. You will have huge yields of very tasty vegetables, fruits, herbs, with no chemicals and synthetic fertilizers. Giant plant growth with very simple technology. The absence of plant diseases and insect damage.
The easiest way to make sure that BIOFERTILIZER "ZULAL" affects fertility is to make a mini-experiment on plants and (or) vegetable crops. To do this, you need to take 2 identical plants that have the same physical properties and are at the same developmental stages (vegetation). Just a day after watering with the fertilizer concentrate solution, the external characteristic of the plants are improved, you may know it through: high greenness, foliage size and accelerated growth, compared to control plants watered without feeding BIOFERTILIZER "ZULAL".